Wednesday, February 9, 2011

World Of Warcraft Cooking Guide

A World of Warcraft cooking guide is available to those who want to add a little flair and flavor (if you’ll excuse the pun) to your game. There is no dish too obscure in World of Warcraft, and you may be asking yourself, why would you want to take up cooking? Well, as explained in the World of Warcraft cooking guide it can also be very useful, as food is the method of how players heal after being in combat. If your character is one that needs food to heal, it is advisable to train in cooking, as you will be able to get food for next to no money, therefore always remaining healed.
Traveling around the world will often allow you to get good cuts of meat that can be used to make food, instead of being sold to merchants. You can choose to buy food from merchants, but this is silly when the food you can make by reading the World of Warcraft cooking guide and making use of it, will ensure food for free.

As with any of the professions, to get started you will need to find an NPC who can train you to become an apprentice cook. Once you are through with training, you will have to go to a trade merchant and purchase the necessary ingredients to cook up a storm. It is good to learn how to make a camp fire to cook over, so make sure you carry tinder, and flint, as well as some good wood. Although you can find other means of cooking along your journey like braziers, fireplaces and stoves, the World of Warcraft cooking guide will tell you that campfires give you way more options.

The World of Warcraft cooking guide, explains that in order to become an artisan cook you will need to complete a number of quests. If you are Alliance, Daryl Riknussun from Ironforge is able to help, and the cooking trainer, Zamja in Ogrimmar with the Horde side can start it off too. You need to have a 225 cooking skill to start it off. In order to learn expert cooking you will need to purchase an Expert Cookbook. These can be found in Shadowprey Village in Desolace (Horde) or at Silverwing Refuge in Ashenvale (Alliance).

You will find that cooks are not as common among the professions; therefore it will be easier for you to get the recipes that you need. You can get them as rewards for completing various quests, or it could be part of a stash of loot from a monster or chest. Some recipes are only available on certain quests and on special holidays. The World of Warcraft cooking guide suggests that you ask your friend to be on the look out for recipes which they probably won’t have any use for. Keep checking the Auction House for new ones that come in, but more often then not, other players will just give them to you.

A final bit of advice from the World of Warcraft cooking guide, is to build your cooking skills and advertise your skills to really well to entice as many people as possible who need your food for healing, as it is cheaper than other methods, and you can make a good profit from doing this. A good profession to combine with cooking is fishing, which will give you unlimited access to fish. They are also a good food to use for healing. So keep this in mind when choosing professions and you could make money and have loads of fun in the process.

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